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7th Grade Lyric Poetry Webquest

Mrs. Safe’s 7th Grade

Lyric Poetry Online Investigation


Reading/Viewing Lyric Poetry

Connect to this link:


  1. Read the introduction to lyric poetry. How far back in time does lyric poetry go?


  1. Choose Index of poems from the menu bar on the left. Select and read a lyric poem. What do you think of the poem? What is the subject of this poem? (at least 3 sentence response)


  1. Click on the Back button and select a poem from under a different heading. What do you think of this poem? What is the subject of this poem? Do you enjoy this poem more or less than the first one you read? Why? (at least 5 sentence response)


Poetic Analysis

After answering the questions above select 1 of the poems you read to analyze.

Answer these additional questions.

  1. What is one example of a poetic device used in the poem? What effect does it have on the poem? That is, how does it make the poem more meaningful?


  1. What is the theme of this poem? (at least 1 complete sentence response)